Saturday, March 2, 2013

Las Vegas Office Rear-ends Motorcycle and Blames it on Cyclist

Your face hit my fist!

That pretty much sums of the logic of this Las Vegas police officer, who had the gall to blame his reckless driving on the guy he hit.

Everyone is aware that in a rear-ending collision the person who hit from behind is at fault, except of course this dickhead police officer in Las Vegas. If the officer wasn't able to stop in time, he should not have been following so closely. To not only try to blame it on the cyclist but also threaten him with tickets is quite appalling and should be enough to get his ass canned. Sadly, we're all too used to occurences like these and at the most he might get a paid day off.

If anyone knows the name and address of the officer in this video, let us know in the comments below. Police officers like this need to be publicly shamed. It's the only recourse we have unfortunately since the firing of bad officers practically never happens.

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