Friday, October 28, 2011

Ohio Gym Teacher Jailed for Sex With Students


A popular Ohio high school gym teacher has been sentenced to four years in jail after a judge rejected her insanity defense and convicted her on 16 counts of sexual battery for sleeping with several of her former students.
This happens like every other day now doesn't it? You gotta wonder who these guys are that keep turning their hot female teachers in. They gave you the time of your life, a moment you'll never forget. And you fucked it up.

Our favorite quote from the story:

One of the victim's fathers testified at the trial of how his son was negatively affected by Schuler's actions.

"He suffered from depression, loss of motivation … almost didn't go to college -- he was angry at home and he didn't want to be around family or anyone -- my son was not who he used to be," the father said.

Hmmm loss of motivation, didn't want to go to college, didn't want to be around family....Isn't this normal for a guy in his late teens? What 17 year old kid do you know loves hanging out with the folks and has motivation?

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