Sunday, October 30, 2011

Dumbass Occupy Protester Pushes Over Police Bike, Gets His Ass Handed To Him

Wow these Occupy Wallstreet protesters are even dumber that we thought. Take your average hippie, subtract 30 IQ points and add a layer of grease - you'll get a occupier. At first we here at People Liking People somewhat supported their cause because there really are a lot of economic problems these days and people are frustrated. Plus we're flat broke here at People Liking People so we can definitely relate to not having any money and having trouble paying the bills. But these asshats are the ones standing up for the cause? We couldn't do any better than this guys?

Exhibit [A] below is the latest example of the lack of brain cells these clowns have:

A biker cop is trying to get through the area and you got these Occupy shmucks standing in front of him trying to block his path. The cop tries to get through and it appears that one of the morons gets his foot ran over. He then shoves the bike to show how big of a tough guy he is before taking off like a little pussy when the cop comes after him. The best part is all the fake outrage that follows from the mass of retards "OMG OMG WHAT ARE U GUYS DOING! POLICE BRUTALITY RODNEY KING OMG" No really, some douche on a bullhorn actually shouts "You guys are fucking NAZIS!". Yeah, the police are nazis because they went after the guy who shoved a police motorcycle.

We're a bit torn right now, on the one hand these idiots should really be shipped off to some deserted island somewhere so we don't all have to smell their stench but I gotta admit they do provide great amusement at their expense. As long as they keep a good distance I say keep it up, it beats watching reruns of Jackass.

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