Monday, June 27, 2011

Case against woman videotaping traffic-stop in front of her house dismissed

On May 12 in Rochester, NY police made a traffic stop that happened to be right in front of Emily Good's home. Emily decided to videotape what was going on while standing in her front yard. Even though Emily Good was well within her rights to stand wherever she damn well please on her own property, Officer Mario Masic demanded that she go back inside. Watch the video:

She was then arrested for not complying. The good news: Today in court the judge dismissed the charges against her. The bad news: officer Mario Masic still has a job. We're pro-police here at People Liking People but we also realize that dickweeds like Mario Masic tarnish the reputation of the rest of the force. It's not rocket science to know that people are allowed to stand wherever they want on their own property. When idiots like Mario Masic can't understand simple concepts like this it makes us wonder how they qualify to be a janitor, let alone police officer.

Let's get to the truth here: Mario Masic was doing something he wasn't supposed to be doing and didn't like the fact that it was being caught on camera. He then made up some bull about not feeling safe as a justification to make Emily Good go away and stop recording what he was doing. Fortunately Emily Good stood up for her rights and she is indeed a hero. The judge agrees that she didn't do anything wrong and anyone with half a brain knows she didn't do anything wrong. Let's work hard as a community to get rid of scum like Mario Masic that ruin everything for the rest of us. People like Mario Masic unnecessarily increase tension between police and community while invading the rights of others.

If anyone has any info on Mario Masic please post a comment, we'll be updating this page as information is received.

Info on Mario Masic:

- Owns a business called Harvest Moon Malamutes where him and a bitch named Jamie have a dog breeding program for alaskan malamutes. Website here.

- He goes by the alias "Trapper Hunter" on Facebook.

- He goes by the alias "yukonhunter" on

- His Phone # is 716-799-4500.

- In 2010 he made $75,770.52.

Update: Mayor of Rochester Thomas S. Richards has issued a statement regarding the incident:

"Whatever the outcome of the internal review, we want to make clear that it is not the policy or practice of the Rochester Police Department to prevent citizens from observing its activities — including photographing or videotaping — as long as it does not interfere with the safe conduct of those activities," the statement said.
Score one for the good guys! Now let's get rid of shamed officer Mario Masic and move forward on a positive note.


  1. As i think this post will b deleted as soon as it is read by one of you idiots ill do it anyway. She was clearly standing on the sidewalk at first and clearly refused a simple request from three police officers to go into her home. they never said stop video taping us? She was clearly out to make a point in the community and i feel that she needs to resolve her issues with people in other ways than wasting tax dollars to have herself arrested so she can get on tv! Get a job emily! get a life! I think he should sue all of you for slander and discrimination against him! ha and i dont even know him or live in rochester! She clearly has athority issues with government and our government just gives her what she wants? lets call this one a tie and let it alone, think if she would have just went into the house when she was told to none of this would have happened? Nope but she persisted and got what she planned, "an attack on the very government she is protected by."

  2. kjr: 1. She refused the request because it was an unlawful request, hence why the judge threw the charge out. She was right to refuse it because we have a right to stand in our yard. 2. Making her go inside is in effect making her stop taping. She won't get any audio from inside and the quality will be crap. 3. It's not illegal to make a point in the community. 4. It's not illegal to not have a job. 5. It's not illegal to have authority issues. You can't go around arresting people for standing up for their rights, and you can't arrest people for not having a job or having authority issues, and that is the stupidest argument I've ever seen in my life.

    We're very police here at People Liking People. But being pro-police means getting rid of the bad ones so we can feel good about supporting the department. It's time to go Mario Masic, you've tarnished the department's reputation long enough.

  3. kjr has to be this Mario fool. Only someone as ignorant as him could have attempted to provide a defense argument such as this kjr suggested.