Friday, June 24, 2011

Tribe meets white man for the first time: Bullshit

There's a video making the rounds lately showing what is claimed to be a tribe on Papua New Guinea meeting a white person for the very first time. It is so unbelievably staged and we're stunned by the number of people who actually believe it's genuine. As was the case with the blogger that was supposedly a lesbian in Syria, people seem to be so emotionally moved that they don't realize how obviously fake it is. They want to believe because it touches that special feel-good spot in their heart. Watch the video for yourself.

The comment section is filled with garbage like the following:

I could not stop crying. This is a forever lost experience. This sort of awww does not exist anymore. It will again though...when we finally meet a civilization outside our own world. WE will be the tribesman from the jungle. I think this is the best video I have ever seen on LiveLeak and I thank you for posting it.

What exactly are we lacking where a video like this fills some type of void? First of all, whether this video is real or fake, it's exploitative. It's looking at humans as if they're animals in the zoo. And that's supposed to pull at your heart strings? This idiocy mixed with the gullibility of believing this stupid video really makes us weep for humanity.

Update: William Skyvington sheds some light on the truth and origin of the video:

This charming video is in fact a fake, which has nothing to do with Papua New Guinea. The white man you see in the video is a Belgian moviemaker, Jean-Pierre Dutilleux. The "Papua New Guinea natives" were in fact members of the Toulambi tribe of indigenous Amazonian "Indians" (what a silly word for people in South America). This fake "first encounter" between the natives and a white-skinned visitor was filmed around 1999.


  1. these 'natives' are actors. it's so obvious.

  2. ... so you still did not provide even a hint how come it is staged.

    I have seen the footage few times and it seems staged, but on the other hand there are many signs that is not.
    On the other hand again we can read that producers may or may not have had some toruble making anything meaningful in their scientific lives.
    Eventually two things also bother me - (1) tribe moved or disappeared. odd, right?
    (2) there are many evidence and proven cases of minor and major scale fraud in science. Sad but true. Few most notable cases are connected with history - take a look at some biggest falsifications conencted with dinosaurs.

    So I cannot state this is fake.
    But being a skeptic I may accept this was fake if more solid evidence surfaces.
    I can leave my position pretty elastic, since the outcome does not change my everyday life or job.
    Let the time judge them.