Thursday, February 17, 2011

Allstate Insurance's Dick Weasel Move

Do you have Allstate Insurance? If so, drop them and get someone more legitimate (I personally use Nationwide, been with them for years and have never had any problems), because they're a bunch of dicks who apparently will do everything they can to get out of their end of whatever deal they've committed themselves to.

The Story: Last Saturday Allstate sponsored a contest at a U.S. Hockey League game in Indianapolis in which a $50,000 prize would be won if the contestant could shoot a puck from 200 feet away into a goal that was only 6 inches wide, a feat that's next to impossible. Well one man, Richard Marsh, actually pulled it off and was a very happy winner that night. Unfortunately Allstate then stepped in and rained on his parade:

Asked what he'd do with the cash if he made the seemingly impossible shot - knocking a 3-inch puck 175ft into a hole just over 3-inch wide - he said he'd give it to the St. Vincent Heart Center

And then he stepped up, took the shot and remarkably got it in - much to the shock of watching fans, officials… and the insurance firm responsible for the payout.

They have now said the charity will not get the money because Marsh had his foot over the line when he made the shot

Witnesses of the shot say he shot the puck right where it was placed. He didn't move it forward in an attempt to cheat. He walked right to where he was lead, so he actually never had a chance to start where they claim he should have: it was rigged from the very beginning.

Now the kicker to all of this is that Allstate is now trying to say that they aren't responsible at all for him not getting the money, because it's some unknown 3rd party insurance company that is in charge of the payout and made the decision to disqualify him, not Allstate. And we say that's complete bullshit. Allstate is the one using the contest to promote themselves, they put their name behind it. So it looks like they made an agreement with a behind-the-scenes unknown insurance company so in the event that they ever had to disqualify someone, they could blame it on some anonymous company and Allstate's reputation wouldn't be hurt because of it.

Gee I wonder how many times this happens with their customers that pay them for coverage. "Oops, sorry your claim is invalid and can't be covered. Oh, don't blame us, it's some anonymous 3rd party company we work with sometimes, but believe us we're doing everything we can for you".

Update, here's the video of the amazing shot:

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