Sunday, February 20, 2011

Union Head to Wisconsin Teachers: STFU & GBTW

When even the union is telling you to get your ass back to work, you know you have a problem. Teachers in Wisconsin have been refusing to work because they disagree with a state bill which would take away their right to collectively bargain for their benefits and working conditions. Every one of those teachers that took off work should be fired immediately. There are plenty of teachers across the country that aren't currently working that would love the opportunity to have a job. Let's give them a chance and quit pandering to these crybabies.

Who needs collective bargaining? Lazy people and idiots. Anyone with half a brain knows how to bargain on their own behalf and show the value that they bring to their employer by doing a good job and working with management to make sure they're properly compensated. If management won't budge then you go work for someone else that does see the value you bring. If you find yourself in a position where no one sees the value in what you bring to the table, obviously your value isn't as good as you thought it was and you need to work on improving your skills or work ethic.

This is all common sense to almost everyone except for the teachers in Wisconsin. I'm not sure if it's something in the drinking water or what, but somewhere along the line their brains have failed them. And now all they've done is disrupted the education for their students they claim to care about, and made themselves look like absolute fools in the process. So listen to your union and get your lazy asses back to work. Think you should be paid more? Talk to management. If they refuse, then quit pussy footing around and just get another job. Stop acting like a child. Working conditions? What, do you think you work in a sweat shop or something? Or are working in a dangerous underground coal mine? Shut the fuck up and get back to work. If you don't want to work then quit. It's not rocket science people.

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