Thursday, December 24, 2015

Miss Universe Flub reportedly rigged according to insider

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People Liking People is coming out of retirement to report on an amusing event that has all the ingredients we look for in a story - fame, fortune, and embarrassment. And now we can add one more ingredient to the list - shenanigans. I'm sure you all have heard about what happened during the 2015 Miss Universe pageant where Steve Harvey slipped up and read that the winner was Miss Columbia, only to correct himself that Miss Colombia is actually the first runner up, and the real winner is Miss Philippines. The result was pure awkwardness as Miss Columbia stood there for a couple of minutes wearing the crown before it was taken off and placed on Miss Philippines instead. Even though the event was days ago, spectators are still bickering about how it went down, and some Colombians are still holding on to the idea that their beloved Miss Colombia retains the title. Among the chaos stands a respectful Miss Philippines, who has done all she could to remain above the fray and carry herself with dignity.

We now have a new angle to the story: An industry insider has just come out and states that the slip-up was actually staged in order to garner publicity for the franchise.

If you're going to pull something off like this, you gotta do it right. For the most part, we do think it went well enough to get the conversations stirring, but did you guys forget to pay someone? Why is this insider spilling the beans if he supposedly worked for the organization?

It certainly raises more questions than answers, but we'll definitely be staying tuned to see where this goes next. If this is staged, then who should hold the crown? Should they do it over again?

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