Sunday, December 9, 2012

Piece of shit of the week: Disraeli Arnold

Apologies to our readership for not posting anything in a long time. We've been busy with stuff but we're back in full effect, and today we present to you our piece of shit of the week: Hurst, TX police officer Disraeli Arnold. Let's just cut to the chase, watch the video below:

The video begins with 17-year old Andrew Rodriguez being pinned down by an officer who is in the process of arresting him. Evidently the teenager had a warrant out or was wanted for a previous trespassing charge. This part of the story does have us a little torn, because obviously here at People Liking People we don't like little shits who trespass. When Disraeli Arnold arrives on the scene though, it becomes very clear who the douchebag in this situation truly is. Now before Mr. Arnold even enters the picture, the first officer appears to be getting things under control, as Andrew Rodriguez begins submitting to the officer's demands. The main focus at this point is just Andrew pulling up his pants because his butt crack is starting to show. Other than that, things were calming down and the arrest was almost wrapped up.

Disraeli Arnold evidently didn't think things were proceeding as quickly as they should, and felt he needed to throw himself into the situation to show the first officer how it's done, but his demeanor is anything but professional. As everyone here knows, we're very pro-police here at People Liking People. But it's our positive view of the police that causes us to be the first ones to call for the firing of a bad officer, because they make the rest of the force look bad, and that builds distrust in the community. Whether Disraeli Arnold has a drug problem as some have suggested, or whether he's on some weird ego power trip, the end conclusion is the same: Mr. Arnold needs to be relieved of his duties as a Hurst, TX police officer.

In the end of the video, Disraeli Arnold seems to take pride in the fact that he is abusive in his methods, giving the camera guy his name and badge # without prompting. This is a classic sign of someone either drunk with power or some other mind altering drug. In his mind he's above the law and the world is his little playground to go around being Mr. Badass and fuck anyone who thinks he's unprofessional - he'll keep doing it and he'll get away with it. That's his mentality anyway, but it's time for a reality check and to be shown that there are repercussions to bad behavior.

If you have information about Disraeli Arnold, don't hesitate to send us a message at We'll post information here as it's received.

Contact the Hurst Police Department at 817-788-7146.

Update 1:  An alert reader has brought to our attention that there is a profile of Disraeli Arnold on The TCU Horned Frogs Athletics site.
Look at those cute biscuit lips and dumbo ears. Combine that with a name like Disraeli and it's no wonder this guy has a lot of pent up tension. 

Additional info on Disraeli Arnold from the profile:

- Parents: Curtis Arnold and Shirley Arnold.

- Full Name: Disraeli Tosskanaan Arnold.

- "Is a pre-med and psychology major at TCU...would like to work with children in the health field following graduation." This guy wanted to work with children? This guy needs to stay far far away from kids.

Update 2: A reader has sent in 2 addresses (both apartments) for Disraeli Arnold:

4236 W Pioneer Dr, Apt 2083
Irving, TX 75061

4002 N Story Rd, Apt 533
Irving, TX 75038

The rest of his family (parents, siblings) live at 1319 W Clements St Odessa, TX 79763.
Tohsheka? Kreasta? I'm starting to think Disraeli got off easy! 

If anyone has any additional information on Disraeli Arnold don't hesitate to send us a message. Stay warm out there folks!

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