Friday, January 7, 2011

"Wise Health Insurance" Bullsh** Marketing

Have you heard of Wise Health Insurance? Me neither, until recently. I was reading an article on Yahoo News about how golfer Camilo Villegas was disqualified from the PGA golf tournament for moving debris out of the way while his ball was rolling back towards him. I was bored and combing through the comment section when I see this:

I was told by a friend that something called "Wise Health Insurance" is offering health insurance plans starting just $1 a day. That is some thing we all can agree.

Gee really? Well that's cool and all...but what does that have to do with Camilo Villegas being disqualified? Wait a minute here, is a health insurance company really paying someone to spam the comment section pretending to be some random dude that heard from a friend how great this insurance company is? I mean that can't be true, that's way too pathetic.

So I decided to do a google search on: I was told by a friend that "Wise Health Insurance"
and it turns out that yes this company really is that pathetic.

See the results for yourself. Page after page of bullshit fake word-of-mouth spamming by someone being paid by Wise Health Insurance. The next time someone tells you about a friend that got a deal from Wise Health Insurance, you tell them to shove it up their ass.


We have reason to believe that this may not just be your normal insurance company that just so happens to be a spammer. We're doing everything we can to investigate this so-called company that calls itself Wise Health Insurance. If you or anyone you know has ever dealt with this company or person who purports to be this company, please let us know about your experience. If you've been ripped off or knows someone who has, please let us know and also contact the authorities. When a company or person does everything they can to hide their true identity, that raises a red flag for us. And there's a difference between someone just selling some T-shirts and an insurance company. We don't need to know everything about the guy selling you a shirt on the corner. You give him $20, you get the shirt and you're on your way. With insurance we're talking about important financial and personal information that's being given out and trust is a much more important factor. So when you have someone asking for confidential information yet hides everything about themselves, that gives us great cause for concern.

Websites owned by this same guy that we know of:

Phone numbers used:

512-587-2229 we called, got a msg saying temporarily out of service (512 is Austin TX)
916-218-8317 we called, got a generic voicemail greeting (916 is Sacramento CA)

Based on other information, we believe this spammer/possible scammer is originally from the Sacramento area and recently moved to Austin, TX.

Address listed in their domain whois and other places:

700 Lavaca Street
Suite #1407
Austin, Texas 78701

(This is an office building with various businesses)

An internet detective over at stumbled on this company when they had a weight loss diet scam to gather information on its victims. They found that "the Texas Secretary of State has no records of any current or past entities with names similar to "Stephen Austin Insurance Company" or "Wise Health Insurance." And then added that "the addresses listed are in the 15-story 700 Lavaca building, which mostly rents space to professionals like attorneys and accountants. It is owned by the city of Ausin, Texas, and we are contacting the building managers to try to figure out who is in Suites 1400 and 1407, the two suites listed in various sources for the company.)" We are still waiting work back to see if we can find anymore information about who is behind this all.

All 3 websites are currently down at this moment, which is a recent development. The Wise Health Insurance page and Stephen Austin Insurance site were still up not long ago and are still available to see on Google and Yahoo cache. Combined with their phone lines being down, this appears to be some sort of hit and run operation, where they scam as many people as they can, then take off without a trace. We're attempting to look into this as much as we can and post about it here so others can find it and hopefully be able to provide further information.

Update 2: The Insurance websites appear to be back up, but he's replaced the 512 # with another one:
877-769-3008 under the contact section.

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  1. I just read an article on the LA Times website that had a spam comment touting this company so it's still around as of 3/9/11. I also went on the website and it just looks sketchy.