Friday, February 1, 2013

Scum of the Earth Cheapskate Pastor Alois Bell Outed

Most of you have probably seen this picture and story over the past couple days, a waitress at Applebees finds this receipt left on the table:
 The tip amount is crossed out, with a note: "I give God 10%, Why do you get 18%?" The picture was posted to reddit and has made the rounds on the intertubes.

The Aftermath: an Applebees waitress has been fired and the pastor has been outed. The 18% she's referring to of course is the automatic tip that Applebees adds on the tab for parties over 20.

Now, there's always been bad tippers and non-tippers, and some of us here have been guilty of that from time to time when we get bad service. What makes this story really amusing though is Pastor Aloris's claim that she gives 10% to God. You've got that backwards Ms Bell. It's your parishioners who are "giving 10% to God". You're the one taking that money from them, not giving it. You'd think people this stupid would have been filtered out of the gene pool centuries ago. 

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